The Global Tech Hub Gathering at Digital RESI Partnering Week

The Life Science Nation Investor and Strategic Partner network is looking to meet with global, regional tech hubs to understand the local technology assets and innovation landscape. Digital RESI Partnering Week offers the opportunity to add value through the regional tech hub promotions, adding value to constituents through match-based partnering, pitch sessions, panels, workshops, and more.

Participating tech hubs receive a free dedicated landing page to grant optimal exposure on the conference Live Agenda where they have the opportunity to connect with constituents, as well as investors, service providers, and other entrepreneurs interested in their program offerings.

Additionally, participating tech hub constituents benefit from additional conference features including, but not limited to:

  1. Half Price Offer
    • Tech Hub constituents can save 50% on registration. (Contact us to set up your unique 50% off code.)
  2. Partnering Webinars & Fundraising Bootcamp Workshop
    • You will have free access to partnering webinars and fundraising bootcamps produced by LSN to help you make strong connections with 600+ healthcare investors.
  3. Pitch Opportunity
    • Apply to pitch at the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge. The selected companies will have a dedicated webpage to post pitch video and supporting materials, as well as join live Q&A session and take questions from an investor panel.

Learn how to get your constituents involved and add value to their experience!


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