A New Way to Partner

RESI Digital March partnering is open from February 21 – April 7

The investors attending RESI represent a huge pool of capital, and RESI’s unique partnering system enables fundraising companies to find the investors and strategic partners that are the best fit for their technology and stage of development.

On the investor/strategic partner side, you’ll find everyone from angel groups, venture philanthropy and endowments, venture capital and private equity, family offices, mid-size and big pharma. As for startups, RESI accommodates biotech/pharma (therapeutics), medtech (devices and diagnostics) and healthcare IT/digital health.

RESI is a dedicated global partnering event with the most powerful partnering platform because we can match companies and partners based on stage of development and product fit. The core value is our 1:1 partnering which RESI has used since 2013. 

  • Review profiles of other RESI participants.
  • Schedule one-on-one and/or group meetings.
  • Build your customized RESI schedule, from panels to presentations to partnering meetings.

As a registered attendee, you automatically become a part of the RESI network. Schedule a meeting with relevant companies and investors is only a few clicks away.

Partnering Tutorial

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