Digital RESI
June 7-9, 2022

11 AM EDT – Beyond Big Pharma
Partnering & Perspectives from Small & Mid-Sized Biotech

Therapeutics companies frequently view Big Pharmas as the best co-development or exit option. However, there are many clinical-stage, middle-market pharmas that are looking to partner to expand their portfolios. The panelists will discuss topics such as:

  • What is the benefit of partnering with a smaller pharma?
  • What is different about partnering with a mid-stage vs. a large pharma?
  • What makes a company a good fit to partner with a mid-stage pharma?

There are many different ways therapeutics companies can advance their technologies, and it is important to be open to all options – mid-stage pharmas will discuss what partnering with them entails, and how it can benefit both the startup and the pharma.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

Kevin Lin
Director, Business Development
Transcenta Holding
Sa’ar Yaniv
Director, Business Development
Fortress Biotech
Rachel Zolot Schwartz, MBA (Moderator)
Vice President & Head, Business Development & Commercial, Volastra

1 PM EDT – Angel Investors
Explaining the Process of Engagement

This panel focuses on angels in Biotech investment and how angels assess current biotech investment trends and criteria. Topics may include:

  • Types of deals Biotech angels like to do
  • What it’s like to work with an angel investor
  • How biotech and investment landscapes evolving

Angel investors have been one of the first go-to investors as an incredibly important source of capital for fundraising entrepreneurs. Panelists will highlight the perspective of an angel when approaching a deal in the space. Angels will explain their investment preferences and their evaluation criteria, and provide overall advice in how to approach and build relationships with them. The panel will serve as an educational opportunity for scientist entrepreneurs to better understand the trends in angel investment in the bio-pharmaceutical field.

Ozan Isinak, MBA
President, Central Canada
Keiretsu Forum
Kristin King
Boston Harbor Angels
Yaniv Sneor
Founding Member
Mid Atlantic Bio Angels
Eran Steinberg
President & Chairman
Tom Vogelsong, PhD
Director, Deal Flow
KYTO Technology & Life Science

2 PM EDT – The Neuroscience of Aging
Aging Impact on the Nervous System

Age-tech startups are addressing negative impacts of neurological aging, such as cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The goal of many of these early-stage companies is to stimulate neurogenesis and enhance brain plasticity to combat these conditions.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

James Mayer
Senior Manager, Investment & Venture Services
Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)
Diana Saraceni
Founder & Managing Partner
Panakes Partners
Lu Zhang
Founder & Managing Partner
Fusion Fund

4 PM EDT – Tales from the Road: AI Innovation in Healthcare
Standing Out in a Growing Field

Hear from fundraising entrepreneurs on their processes researching, pitching, and working with investors. AI technology has incredible potential in healthcare, but also raises unique challenges. Hear from founders on how AI fits into their story and solutions, and how they sourced the right investors for them.

Kaitlin Christine
Founder & CEO
Rory McCann (Moderator)
Conference Producer
Life Science Nation
Maria Luisa Pineda, PhD
Founder & CEO
Vangelis Vergetis, PhD
Co-Founder & Executive Director

11 AM EDT – AI vs. Life Science
Which Comes First in Early-Stage Investment?

How to prioritize tech-first vs. biology models? How can each model leverage their position in the industry and be successful in the early stage? How can startup founders balance the “bio” and “tech” and highlight their strengths to investors? What are some strategies to help fundraising executives target the right investors for their company and pivot their pitch to each?

Ming Cheah, PhD
Pivotal bioVenture Partners
Marina Cortes
Venture Partner
SandBanks Capital
Baudouin Hue
Bill Kuziel (Moderator)
Analyst & Investor
MedPro Investors

1 PM EDT – Corporate VC
The Changing Landscape & New Opportunities

Corporate venture capital firms are an important source of capital for early-stage companies. Many major pharmaceuticals and large corporations have set up a corporate investment arm to identify early-stage companies. Strategically and financially driven in varying degrees, the implications of working with CVCs are huge, as the resources, network, and guidance provided by the CVC and the associated parent company are incredibly valuable to an entrepreneur who is actively growing their business.

This panel will discuss the following topics and more:

  • How are CVCs different from traditional VCs?
  • How strategically vs. financially are CVCs driven, and how does this affect their decision-making process?
  • How closely does the CVC communicate with the parent company?
  • What does working with a CVC entail?

Panelists will discuss each of their investment mandates and how they relate to corporate interests, and how they have been sourcing opportunities during COVID. Panelists may also explore current trending areas of interest, and what they see as emerging fields in the near future.

Michael Baran
Executive Director, WRD & Principal
Pfizer Ventures
Lana Ghanem
Managing Director
Hikma Ventures
David Gordon
Head, Investments
Longliv Ventures
Jane Rho
DaVita Venture Group
Cheryl Zimberlin
Investment Director
M Ventures

2 PM EDT – Asia Cross-Border
Building Global Partnerships

These days, seeking capital from Asia-headquartered investors, pharmaceuticals, and other strategic partners may seem like nothing new. Many groups continue to expand into geographies outside of Asia to set up new offices, establishing open innovation departments, etc. However, companies based in the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world without any proper connection to Asia still find themselves struggling to engage with the right groups.

This panel will discuss the following topics and more:

  • How are Asian markets and regulatory hurdles different from those of the USA/Europe?
  • What do cross-border investors seek in companies outside of Asia? How are they similar or different to their viewpoint on domestic companies?
  • How has COVID positively or negatively impacted the decision making process?
  • Aside from the effects of COVID on the industry, will cross-border investment activities continue to increase?
  • What are some common mistakes investors see from entrepreneurs, and how can they be avoided?

Panelists will discuss how they have been evaluating opportunities in the midst of the COVID pandemic and what the future holds for cross-border activities in the industry. Panelists will also uncover general topics such as navigating the Asian market and the regulatory challenges associated with market entry, how to approach Asian investors and strategic groups, and more.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

Seo Lee
SV Investment
Derek Yuan
LYFE Capital

4 PM EDT – Tales from the Road: Age-Related Diseases
Developing Prevention & Treatments

Age-tech entrepreneurs are pounding the pavement, seeking funding to enable seniors to live longer, healthier lives. Learn the strategies they’ve implemented to stand out to investors, book meetings, make deals, and work effectively with investors and strategic partners.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

Eric Levitan
Founder & CEO

11 AM EDT – Age-Tech Care Management
Technology Improving the Lives of Older Adults

Older adults are looking to age-tech to provide freedom, medical access & adherence, safety, wellness and even companionship later in life. Age-tech allows seniors, and their caregivers make personalized choices about their own aging journeys. Hear from investors specializing in longevity innovation.

Anastasiya Giarletta
R42 Group
Sarah Hippert
Program Manager
Brenda Hogan (Moderator)
Chief Investment Officer
Ontario Capital Growth Corporation (OCGC)
Lise Pape
Walk with Path

1 PM EDT – Impact Investors
More Than Financial Returns

This panel features four speakers and a moderator from firms that make equity investments into early-stage companies and organizations with the intent to generate a positive social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Some of these firms focus on impacting a specific patient population, whereas others have broader goals in creating an impact for their local region, or the world. Topics may include:

  • What is impact investing?
  • How is the investment mandate affected by the impact goal? • How do investors measure and increase the impact of their capital?
  • How should startups approach impact investors for fundraising, and what criteria do they use to evaluate opportunities?
  • What separates an impact investor from a traditional VC?

Panelists will discuss how impact investors provide capital to address challenges in life sciences and healthcare sectors worldwide. While impact investing market is a relatively new trend, panelists will also discuss how companies can successfully fundraise from impact investors and the best way to develop a relationship with relevant investors.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

André Harrell
Venture Partner
Cancer Fund
Ben Nahir
Venture Principal
Elevate Capital
John Parker
Founder & Managing Director
Springhood Impact Ventures

2 PM EDT – Team, Tech, & Traction in Early-Stage AI
Building Your Startup as a Triple Threat

Early-stage investors will take a chance on a team, tech, or traction. It’s rare to find all three in a company seeking Seed to Series B funding. This discussion will explore the value of each to help early-stage startups highlight their unique assets and improve their position in weaker areas.

Sebastien Latapie
Dynamk Capital
Gayathri Radhakrishnan, MBA
Senior Director Venture Capital – AI Fund
Micron Ventures
Surbhi Sarna
Group Partner
Y Combinator
Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD (Moderator)
InSilico Medicine

3 PM EDT – Software-Enabled Medical Devices
Investing at the Intersection of Digital Health and Medtech

Over the decades, software has played a large and growing role in medical devices, increasing in complexity and importance within the device function. Evolving from the software that controlled imaging devices to apps that pair with continuous glucose monitors, software in medical devices can play a key role in its usefulness and adoption. Panelists will discuss topics such as:

  • How is the evaluation process different with consideration for the device and the software, as well as the integration?
  • Does data collection and its potential future use play an important role?
  • How do investors navigate the ambiguous regulatory landscape?

Investing in the intersection between digital health and medical devices brings challenges from both sectors. Investors will discuss how they approach deals with software-enabled devices and how it differs from investing in standard medical devices and digital health technologies.

Additional Panelists to be Announced

James Hardiman
Data Collective (DCVC Bio)
Katherine Relle, MBA
Vice President

4 PM EDT – Tales from the Road: Biotech and MedTech Innovators
Entrepreneurs on Their Fundraising Journey

The industry has quickly adapted to a “new normal” – entrepreneurs and investors meet virtually over digital platforms to discuss potential investment opportunities, and it is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs raise capital from investors they have never met before in person. That said, there is no doubt that the fundraising journey continues to be challenging for many. In this panel, you will be able to hear fellow entrepreneurs share their experiences, from successes to challenges. This panel will discuss the following topics and more:

  • What are some of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs have faced, especially during the pandemic, and how were they overcome?
  • How did entrepreneurs identify investors that fit their technology?
  • What are some misconceptions entrepreneurs had about the early-stage investment landscape?

Furthermore, entrepreneurs will share unique tips and insights they have gained from their fundraising experiences, and how others can work their way towards a more successful campaign.

Panelists to be Announced