Apply for Digital RESI March 2022 Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

The submission deadline is Friday, February 25th, 2022.

What is it?

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for early-stage companies to gain additional exposure to conference attendees, pitch directly to a panel of relevant investors, and participate in a live Q&A session. Participating companies pay registration and a $800 pitching fee to host their company materials on the Live Agenda and participate in the live pitch session.

Company materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Website URL
  • Logo
  • Brief Description
  • Executive Summary
  • Pitch Video (3-4 mins.)
  • Contact Info

The live pitch sessions during Digital RESI are available to the entire conference, but include a curated panel of investor judges to conduct the Q&A.

Who Should Apply?

Early-stage life science companies actively raising seed capital (25K-2MM), Series A (2MM-10MM), or Series B (10MM-50MM) use the IPC to get in front of the panel of qualified investor judges in their market segment and pitch their company and product. Early-stage companies are encouraged to submit an application, along with a pitch deck and an executive summary. Once selected to pitch, companies can submit their video and supplemental materials for investors to review prior to the live session.

Apply for Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

The submission deadline is Friday, February 25th, 2022.

Sample Dedicated Webpage

How Does it Work?

Pitching companies will have a dedicated webpage on the Live Agenda, which greatly increases visibility to investors. Prior to the live pitch session, the investor panel will review submitted pitch materials and prepare questions.

Each company has approximately 10 minutes set aside for their participation. Each session is judged by a panel of investors who have expressed interest in the sector(s) highlighted in the session. During the session, the pitching company delivers a brief (~1 minute) elevator pitch, and saves the rest of their time for investors’ questions, feedback and commentary. The session is open to all registered RESI attendees.

Voting & Prize

All attendees are encouraged to vote for the most innovative company (max 5 votes). The Top 3 winners will be announced after the conference on the LSN Newsletter.

  • First prize winner will receive complimentary tickets to 3 RESI events of choice (2 tickets per event).
  • Second prize winner will receive complimentary tickets to 2 RESI events of your choice (2 tickets per event).
  • Third prize winner will receive complimentary tickets to 1 RESI events of your choice.

Digital RESI JPM 2022 IPC Companies