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Apply for Digital RESI March Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Applications are due Friday, February 17.

Who should apply?

Early-stage life science companies actively raising seed capital ($25K – 2M), Series A ($2 – 10M), or Series B ($10 – 50M) use the IPC to get in front of the panel of qualified investor judges in their market segment and pitch their company and product. Early-stage companies are encouraged to apply and submit their pitch deck and executive summary.

What is it?

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is an opportunity for early-stage life science and healthcare companies to gain additional exposure to conference attendees and pitch directly to a panel of judges, featuring active investors and industry experts. Participating companies pay $1,795 for the pitch package, which includes a one 3-day standard ticket, a dedicated landing page with your slide deck, executive summary, pitch video, and any other materials you wish to share with registered RESI attendees, and participation in the live stream pitch session and subsequent Q&A. 

How does it work?

  1. Early-stage startups actively raising a Seed – Series B round must apply by Friday, February 17. Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Participants will be provided with a dedicated landing page that includes the company’s non-confidential slide deck, executive summary, as well as other non-confidential materials that the company wishes to add (i.e. pitch video, demo video of product/technology, etc). This will be reviewable by all registered RESI attendees.
  3. Participants are assigned to a session based on sector and technology in early March. Investor & industry expert judges will also be selected based on sector interest.
  4. Participate in live pitch session and pitch in front of a judging panel featuring investors and industry experts (conducted via Zoom Webinar). Each session will feature 4 companies, and each company will be given 4 minutes to pitch, followed by 8 minutes of judge Q&A. Conference attendees will be able to vote the companies they find most compelling throughout RESI. The Top 3 companies will be announced in LSN Next Phase Newsletter and social media for added exposure, and will receive free tickets to future RESI conferences.


  • 1st Place – Complimentary tickets to 3 RESI events of your choice (up to 2 tickets per event)
  • 2nd Place – Complimentary tickets to 2 RESI events of your choice (up to 2 tickets per event)
  • 3rd Place – Complimentary tickets to 1 RESI event of your choice (up to 2 tickets per event)
Apply for Digital RESI March Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Applications are due Friday, February 17.

RESI JPM San Francisco Pitch Company Finalist

Session #1 – Medical Devices

Session #2 – Therapeutics

Session #3 – Medical Devices

Session #4 – Medical Devices & Digital Health (AI)

Session #5 – Therapeutics

Session #6 – Digital Health

Session #7 – Medical Devices

Session #8 – R&D and Life Science Tools

Session #9 – Medical Devices

Session #10 – Diagnostics

Session #11 – Therapeutics

(Featuring Companies from California Life Sciences)

Session #12 – Medical Devices & Diagnostics

(Featuring Companies from California Life Sciences)

Session #13 – Therapeutics

Session #14 – Therapeutics & Digital Health