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Company Description

Voximetry is a Healthtech company with software designed to change the Standard of Care for late-stage prostate cancer patients by creating personalized treatment plans tailored for the individual.

The company was founded in 2016 to commercialize IP that is licensed from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Our team of 7 is our strongest asset with 150 years of domain experience. 85% of the team has worked together previously at either GE, Philips, or Accuray.

We are focused on the Radiopharmaceutical Therapy market that is growing with 39% CAGR.

Each year 50,000 men with prostate cancer fail to achieve cure with surgery, conventional radiation therapy or chemo. Their last hope is targeted Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) where the standard of care is one-size-fits-all dosing. Without the means to measure and predict individual patient drug-interactions, RPT physicians are flying blind and struggling to optimize care. Today’s standardized dosing results in failure to cure (under-dosing), damage to healthy tissues (over-dosing), and increased total cost of care.

Voximetry’s Torch™ software models patient-specific drug interactions using pre-therapy images and provides a personalized treatment plan to optimize the treatment for each individual. Personalized treatments show 71% increased tumor response and 16-months improved overall survival.

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