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Company Description

What if you can dramatically improve patient outcomes by deep profiling cell- cell communication patterns and spatial relationships within disease tissue samples? The convergence of Unbiased Spatial Analytics and Explainable AI ushers in a new era of Precision Pathology. The novel insights from our platforms reveal the existence of intermediate cell types and their functional states as well as communications between cells. Our solutions empower clinicians/researchers to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, advance companion diagnostics, personalize therapeutic options, and improve clinical workflows. SpIntellx has the first-mover advantage in Spatially Intelligent Biology and Precision Pathology by applying truly unbiased spatial analytics to decipher the complex cancer biology. SpIntellxs precision pathology solutions have the potential to unlock a plethora of new applications in medicine and research by answering the fundamental question: Why??, thus revealing the underlying patient-specific disease network biology, across each stage of the drug development, diagnostics, and treatment pipelines. We have built a robust pipeline of early customers including pharma partners who are combining TumorMapr and HistoMapr to discover why some patients responded to therapy and some did not in their clinical trials. Our customers recognize the value of our solutions that can scale all the way from early discovery to clinical research