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Company Description

SONOSCOPE develops a resuscitation technology using automatically acquired ultrasound images. The company was founded in 2010 by two doctors (both working in the emergency department and intensive care unit) and developed cutting edge resuscitation courses it still distributes internationally.

In 2020, the company started developing a novel medical device. The founders jumped in full time and the company now counts 22 employees with extensive medtech experience, 2 MDs, 5 PhDs, 11 MSc. Sonoscope raised 4 million $CAD and received 2,5 M $CAD in non-dilutive funding. Sonoscope has a fully functional system and alliances with contract manufacturers to bring it to market.

Our first niche will be cardiac arrest as it is a universal problem, medical approaches are standardized worldwide and it has a big problem: the pulse check. All of management in cardiac arrest relies on two information: the EKG strip and the pulse check. The EKG is reliable. The pulse check is not. It is 50% accurate. When every second counts, decisions have to made rapidly, with partial information and have life or death consequences.

Sonoscope’s technology will finally allow access to hands-free automatically acquired ultrasound images. This technology will free both the hands and minds of clinicians while optimizing patient care by allowing faster and more accurate diagnosis as well as continuous monitoring of cardiac function.

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