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Company Description

PurMinds is a precision NeuroMedicine company focused on delivering novel therapeutic solutions to neurodegenerative diseases, such as ALS/FTD and Alzheimer’s. Progressing innovation and mitigating enterprise is our motto.

We pioneer the use of human multi-omics data, and AI and Machine Learning to identify novel targets and develop these into proprietary clinical candidates. We validate these targets and confirm our predictions using cutting-edge neuroscience tools such as In-Vivo drosophila, human patient induced pluripotent stem cells, and human brain tissue. This intelligent PrePrecision Platform is designed to design, optimize and de-risk our pipeline.

Our lead candidate, an OGA inhibitor targeting ALS/FTD, is backed by promising efficacy data, and will be ready for IND-enabling toxicity study in early 2023. Our plan is to progress this clinical asset to Phase I clinical trial in the 2nd half of 2023.

Lastly, our wholly owned NeuroLabs, located in Ontario, is approved by Health Canada for a Dealer’s License for Controlled Substances. This in-house neurolab allows us to screen both small molecules and psychedelic molecules for neurodegenerative diseases, and is one of our first mover advantage with high barriers of entry. The in-house screening capability also allows us to validate AI predictions generated from our platform.

PurMinds is led by an experienced management team, world-class neuroscientists and an Advisory Board of key leaders in the field.

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