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Company Description

Proteios is on a mission to empower life scientists and biomanufacturing facilities with the ability to quickly and cost-effectively purify biologicals of interest. We are developing research-scale kits to aid in the discovery of new advanced therapeutics, including: autologous and allogeneic cell therapies, gene therapies, antibodies, and biopharmaceuticals. Our research-scale kits leverage the advancements made in CRISPR-Cas9 to provide rapid access to new biologicals for study. They are based on immunochemical methods and optimized using Machine Learning (ML) and Molecular Dynamics (MD) to provide high specificity and selectivity. We are scaling up the technology for the efficient manufacturing of advanced therapeutics, resulting in significant cost savings during purification – which can account for over 50 percent of the cost of manufacturing.

Cell therapies have emerged as highly promising treatments for blood-borne cancers, solid tumors and diseases resulting from viral infection. However, their manufacturing is labor-intensive, rigorous, and costly procedure, and progress towards optimizing cell selection and manufacturing has been slow. Proteios has completed development of a bench prototype for autologous cell therapy manufacturing under contract from National Cancer Institute. The prototype provides an end-to-end solution for cell therapy manufacturing and is a fully-automated, closed system. It removes many of the bottlenecks seen in currently-available products.

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