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Daeseung Lee

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Company Description

We are building a drug discovery platform with spatial transcriptomics and AI.

Our platform finds targetable molecules(PortraiTARGET), validates the novel drugs based on microscopic distribution and mode of action in the tissue(PortraiDRUG, PortraiMOA), and extracts biomarkers to select the right patients(PortraiTME).

We co-develop the drugs with co-license and provide Platform-as-a-service to pharmaceuticals and biotechs.

Radioligand therapy and Antibody-drug conjugate in oncology and brain diseases are therapeutic modalities of interest. AI pathology combined with spatial transcriptomics is our novel approach to make a scalable solution for companion diagnostics.

We’d love to make partnerships with companies in the US to co-develop novel drug assets and collaborations with hospitals to accumulate spatial transcriptomics data with clinical history.

Furthermore, to make us globally competent, the amount of structured datasets from diverse global hospitals would be critical. That’s why we need $10M from this early stage.

We believe that we will revolutionize the drug discovery industry with a data-driven approach and make people healthier.

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