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Company Description

Oxford Drug Design is an emerging leader in AI-based drug discovery. An advanced pre-clinical spinout from Oxford University, we design and develop highly innovative small-molecule drugs against cancer based on our differentiated dual core competences platform. In our initial proof-of-concept studies we have developed active compounds with our innovative mechanism of action.

The distinctive discovery platform synergistically integrates two two distinctive core strengths to accelerate our drug discovery progress. First, we have world-leading expertise in the versatile tRNA synthetases enzymes. It is a deep target family upon which to develop novel medicines not just against cancer but other major diseases with unmet need. Together with this expertise, our pioneering AI/machine learning computational capabilities captures molecular and biological features and enables machine learning models with increased predictive power and accuracy of molecule selection.

This combined expertise is leading us to novel mechanisms of action and innovative chemical scaffolds. Our validated platform has been funded by $8m of international grants and continues to accelerate discovery and development of our oncology focused on oncology. Lung and colorectal cancer are our initial therapeutic areas of interest.

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