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Company Description

Optigums, LLC a subsidiary of Harvard Dental Group was founded by Dr. Katalin Janosi-Fair, a dentist and researcher. Several years ago, Dr. Fair lost her mother to cancer and her father to diabetes. They both also suffered from the severe form of chronic gum disease or periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. Today, there is overwhelming evidence that periodontal disease is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. However, knowledge gaps continue to exist, and periodontal disease, a preventable disease, remains without an effective cure. Optigums was founded with the mission to research, develop and commercialize evidence-based, multipronged oral care compositions and methods of delivery that are not only effective in preventing and treating periodontal disease, but would also impact the whole health of persons. An immigrant herself, Dr. Fair is keenly aware of the impact of age, sex, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status on periodontal disease and unhealthy aging. It is Optigums‘ vision to help all people have access to cost-effective over the counter oral care products to ensure whole health. Using pre-seed funds, Optigums has readied its first patent-pending daily preventative oral gel formulated to target the main driver of periodontal inflammation for experimentation. An SBIR Phase I grant application is being prepared for a September 5th submission with specific aims to provide proof of concept for the oral gel. 

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