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Company Description

Nanocan is a pre-clinical company focused on advancing the field of cancer therapy through nanotechnology-based precision delivery of existing and future drugs. The Company has developed a novel drug delivery platform called NEST (Nanoparticle Encapsulated Smart Technology). NEST enables immune-modulating agents to work more effectively by locating and releasing active therapeutics in the tumor micro-environment. Three formulations of NEST allow for multiple treatment modalities. The seed formulation used for deep tissue cancer indications (prostate, pancreas, liver) is ready for clinical trials. The gel formulation, optimized for more superficial lesions (cervix, skin, oral) and the inhalant formulation, specifically designed for lung and glioblastoma are in pre-clinical development.

The technology, originally developed at and licensed from Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute, has had more than $10mm of NIH and other grant funding invested in its development to date. Nanocan was recently awarded an additional $2.8mm of NIH grant funding.

Though Nanocan’s NEST technology may ultimately be an ideal delivery platform for a variety of therapeutic agents in multiple indications, the Company’s current pipeline includes treatments using its three distinct formulations for 7 solid cancers.

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