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Nao Ikemoto
Vice President

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Company Description

Knowledge Palette is a Japanese biotech company conducting transcriptome-based phenotypic drug discovery based on the world's best whole transcriptome technology and AI technology.

Our single cell RNA-seq, ‘Quartz-Seq2’, was ranked as No.1 on both accuracy scores and overall scores in the Human Cell Atlas benchmarking project (Mereu et al. Nature Biotechnology (2020)).

We also developed ultra-high-throughput bulk transcriptome technology which can analyze a large variety of bulk samples at less than a tenth the cost of existing RNA-seq.

We analyze whole gene expression profiles of clinical samples to identify new drug targets and also analyze cells treated with thousands of kinds of drug candidates to screen their effects by detecting influences on pathways comprehensively.

We are progressing several drug discovery projects while collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and academia.

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