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Fatiabgen’s next antibody immunotoxin platform has been developed to overcome the critical challenges of ADA and toxicity resulting from bacteria toxins of recombinant immunotoxins in a clinical setting.
It is composed of antibody, linker, and payload, and is specially designed to enter the cell and escape from the endosome to cytosol after binding to the target, leading to cell death by a payload.
This endosome escaping module has the advantage of being able to use various peptide or protein payloads, not bacterial toxins, which are currently struggling with ADA and toxicity, as well as expanding pipelines by grafting antibodies to various targets.
IgCW-γεκ was engineered as an IgE-IgG chimeric molecule for the treatment of allergy. IgCW-γεκ lacks the variable regions of heavy and light chains, and Cε1 and Cκ of IgE are substituted with Cγ and Cκ of IgG1. IgCW-γεκ exhibited more inhibitory effects on degranulation of IgE-sensitized basophilic cells than omalizumab by not only competing IgE for the binding to FcεR1 and by also disrupting IgE from FcεR1-bound IgE.

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