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Founder & President

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Company Description

AptamiR is a US modular Biotechnology Company currently executing the pre-clinical development of its OligoNucleotides Therapeutics (ONTs) drug candidates

Mission: Develop safe, effective and convenient treatments to cure unmet medical needs:
• Treat fat accumulation, inflammation and necrosis to cure obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes and MAFLD, without altering brain functions, but improving patients’ quality of life
• Develop ONTs targeting microRNAs to treat the proliferation, migration, apoptosis, invasion, metastases, differentiation, EMT and chemoresistance of Ovarian Cancer

Strategy: Use the pleiotropic concept of One Drug-Multiple Targets by developing microRNA ONTs for complex diseases like obesity and ovarian cancer

Accomplishment to date: Proofs of efficacy for our first generation of microRNA ONTs were achieved in primary cultures of human cells and in specific animal models

Goal for the next 24 months:
• Complete the pre-IND and IND phases for our new generation 2.5 of targeting miR-22-3p Antagomirs to treat Metabolic Pandemics
• Achieve the pre-clinical selection of the targeting microRNA ONTs drug candidates to cure Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Gap to achieve this goal: Secure Series B financing ($10M)

End Goal:
• Help patients live longer, productive and healthier lives while reducing healthcare costs
• Develop safe, effective, and convenient treatments for:
• Obesity, diabetes, and MAFLD
• Epithelial ovarian cancer

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