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Just as the digital camera revolutionized photography by eliminating film, Applikate Technologies seeks to revolutionize the practice of pathology by eliminating physical slides. Current approaches to histology involve over 20 highly technical manual steps and take over 16 hours to prepare physical slides for examination by pathologists. This incurs significant costs, delays critical interventions, increases patient anxiety waiting for a diagnosis, and creates staffing issues as there is a significant shortage of qualified histotechnologists. Importantly, physical slides inhibit access to expert consultations that have been shown to reduce diagnostic errors. While digital scanners can produce images from physical slides for remote consultation, they add labor and workflow requirements, increasing delays and costs, while introducing image artifacts that limit the applicability of the resulting images. Applikate’s CHiMP platform changes all of this. By directly imaging intact tissue specimens, it enables complete automation of tissue processing and imaging, with results ready in < 3 hrs from tissue receipt. And the direct-to-digital microscopy at the heart of CHiMP produces images that are superior even compared to physical slides, with none of the artifacts associated with slicing tissue, such as folds and tears. Applikate has raised $3.4M in NIH grants and closed a $2.7M Seed round in August 2021. Applikate was founded by two former Yale faculty members.

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