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Company Description

Aplife specializes in bioelectronics and is developing a technology that will radically transform the field of portable health diagnostic devices
At its core, it is based on the digital detection of millions
of biochemical interactions on a semiconductor, enabling novel digital diagnostic devices closer to patients.
Electrochemical biosensors enable cheaper, more portable digital diagnostic devices. .
Their is growing demand for miniature, portable and digital biosensors, the commercialization of biosensor

Aplife’s AptiveX technology enables biosensor companies for the first time to access a receptor
discovery platform specifically designed to be used in digital devices,

AptiveX synthesizes combinatorial libraries of millions of molecules bound at
predefined locations on CMOS chips, transforming molecular interactions into measurable electrical
signals. The system identifies potential receptors individually and does not depend on enzymes,
allowing molecules with unlimited modifications.
AptiveX applications include the development of biomarker panels, high throughput proteome
assays, early disease detection, routine monitoring of risk factors, environmental monitoring, and
industrial processes.

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