Sourcing, Vetting & Training The First Sales Team

You have successfully gotten a product developed and cleared through the FDA. Now comes the hard part: moving a company from development centric to commercial (Customer) centric. This is the step where most companies will fizzle out. The cause can be simple; they decline to develop a commercial plan with the same intensity they did to develop their product. The reality all starts with what to consider when hiring the first salesperson or understanding the type of sales process for the product. Capital sale? Consumable sale? Service sales? Compound the decision if you are targeting both domestic and international markets. Another key consideration is if you have critical infrastructure to support the sales team.

This workshop will take a deep dive into what exactly a startup CEO should be thinking about when it comes to taking the first steps in commercializing a company’s product and give an overview of how successful companies use sales prototyping techniques. The workshop will also discuss how to choose the best option for developing a capital-efficient commercial plan, make sure the plan is aligned with a potential acquirer’s requirements, define actionable execution plans, and institute metrics that matter for scaling a sales organization. The metrics will provide the ultimate value creation for the company at an acquisition.


Kevin Schimelfenig Managing Partner McGeever Family Office

Kevin Schimelfenig is the Founder and Managing Partner of McGeever, LLC, a family office positioned to establish, administer and govern the financial and philanthropic values and goals of the family. McGeever’s investment portfolio includes but is not limited to; Healthcare, Real Estate, Energy, and Information Technology. Through McGeever, Kevin participates in investments with multiple Angel Funds and is a limited partner with Private Equity firms on the East and West Coast as well as has affiliations with well-known medical device and diagnostic institutions across the United States.

In addition, Kevin is acting President and CEO of SalesForce4Hire, McGeever LLC’s wholly owned subsidiary. SalesForce4Hire partners with medical device, diagnostic, pharma/biotech and information technology companies and their investors to provide strategic models and solutions for commercialization.

SalesForce4Hire has played lead roles in the successful implementation of custom sales solutions within leading companies on a global scale. 
Kevin’s educational background includes a B.S. in Business Administration from Marywood University and extensive training in the Diabetes Program at Konkuk University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. Kevin was recognized as a North Carolina top 50 Entrepreneur and has been an invited speaker for prominent organizations across the nation including JPMorgan/OneMedForum, AdvaMed, and Angel Capital Association. Also, Kevin has published white papers and case studies including; “Launching a Medical Device, Life Science or Healthcare Product” and “Avoiding Post-Acquisition Product Sales Failure.” Kevin has served on multiple boards and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Physcient, Inc., and Akros Medical. 

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