RESI Innovation Challenge

Digital RESI September Innovation Challenge


Medical Devices


Digital Health

LSN invites all global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health to apply for the Digital RESI June (6/8 – 6/10) Innovation Challenge. Selected companies will showcase their technology in the virtual exhibit hall and gain more visibility from the early-stage investors in attendance.

  • Top 30 selected companies will showcase their technology virtually on their dedicated website, including a virtual poster and any non-confidential materials
  • Open to all actively fundraising early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics, and Digital Health
  • 1st place winner receives two tickets to three future RESIs
    2nd place winner receives two tickets to two future RESIs
    3rd place winner receives two tickets to one future RESI
  • Winners are announced on LSN newsletter of over 36,000 subscribers

LSN can help you create a 3-minute poster board video presentation or pitch deck voice over. Many companies that presented their poster board last month at Digital RESI didn’t have the time nor the ability to create a professional video due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet, the Digital RESI “LIVE Agenda” page, where the Innovation Challenge finalists’ dedicated pages were located, had over 5,000 views across 3-days. This is a tremendous opportunity to make even more compelling connections at Digital RESI as well as increasing your company’s optics.

Anton Neschadim, CEO, ImmunoBiochem

“Our first deal was with one of the RESI sponsors and helped us develop fully-human antibody molecules for our lead target, and the subsequent angel-led round allowed us to develop a lead that we showed to be both efficacious and safe in preclinical animal tumor models. “

Kouris Kalligas, Founder & CEO, Therachat

“The RESI Partnering is the best match-making platform I have seen!  I was able to book 16 meetings! And what was really cool is that 10 investors who couldn’t meet with me at RESI gave me their emails through the messaging system, so I was able to contact them afterwards.”

Zohar Beeri, Chairman & CEO, Novotalk

“We had many good meetings on the day of the conference. In addition, we ended up scheduling meetings outside of RESI, either during JPM week or a conference call at a later date with investors who had full schedules. We are following up with quite a few investors, including an investor that I met by chance during the cocktail hour…”

David Narrow, CEO, Sonavex

“RESI is a really efficient way to have a lot of vetted meetings with investors. I have had many fruitful discussions with investors at the different RESIs I have attended, which is why I continue to attend…We actually met one of the key investors in our Series A round through RESI—Fusion Fund—and we are still in discussions with several other investors. “

Steven ten Holder, COO, Acorn Biolabs

“I think I must have spoken to at least 30 or 40 investors at the poster… I can think of 3 investors in particular who are very interested in our company and we are already following up with them.”