Now Accepting Applications!

Looking for ways to increase your exposure to investors? Take part in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge at Digital RESI! Early stage life science companies that are actively raising seed capital ($25k to 2 MM), Series A ($2 MM to 10 MM) or Series B ($10 MM to 50 MM) use RESI to get in front of a panel of qualified investors in their market segment and pitch their company and product.

The Innovator’s Pitch Challenge is an opportunity for early-stage companies to pitch directly to a panel of relevant investors and participate in a live Q&A session. For a $500 fee, accepted companies receive a dedicated page on the Digital RESI Live Agenda, with their pitch video prominently displayed for maximum exposure. These sessions are livestreamed during Digital RESI, with all RESI investor attendees invited to join the audience.

Early-stage companies are encouraged to submit an application, along with a pitch deck and an executive summary. Once selected to pitch, companies can submit their video and supplemental materials for investors to review prior to the live session.

Prerecorded Pitch on the dedicated webpage:

The pitching companies will have a dedicated webpage on the RESI live agenda, which can hugely increase its visibility in front of investors. The webpage will feature a 4-min prerecorded pitch video and supporting materials like pitch deck and executive summary.

Materials include:

  • Pitch Deck
  • Executive Summary
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Brief Description

Live Q&A session with the investor panel:

Before the session, the investor panel will review prerecorded pitch on the company’s dedicated webpage and prepare questions. During the session, the pitching company will have a 1-min elevator pitch, and up to 8 minutes for investors’ questions, feedback and commentary. The session is open to all registered RESI attendees.

Dedicated Sample Page