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Onelin Capital, A multi-billion dollar global conglomerate, manages across different asset classes in the U.S, including real estate development, and venture capital investments. With offices in Seattle, San Jose and Guangzhou, Onelin is actively seeking startups in the life sciences space and are interested in business opportunities in the Asian market. Onelin is looking for all life sciences related companies who are seeking partnerships to work with, and tech-enabled startups for investments.

Onelin PitchBuzz

Onelin PitchBuzz: Live Q&A


Sept. 21, Monday 12PM EST


Sept. 21, Monday 1PM EST

Medtech Devices

Sept. 23, Wednesday 12PM EST

Digital Health

Sept. 23, Wednesday 1PM EST


A Discussion on International Deal-Making and Advice on How Fundraising Start-ups Should Play on a Worldwide Stage

(Sponsored by Onelin Capital)

A discussion of early-stage investments on the global stage. Have the strategies for fundraising changed due to Covid-19? What should early-stage companies do to better attract global investors at this time? What recommendations do panelists have for start-ups to weather through the Covid-19 storm from fundraising, global expansion, and partnership perspectives.

This panel will feature 4 speakers and a moderator. Questions include, but not limited to:

  • What is the current investment thesis in healthcare during and post Covid-19?
  • What are the major differences in the life science industry between US/Europe and Asia from an investment perspective?
  • What global investment and partnership trends do you see in your geography and/or sector?

What suggestions do you have for founders/companies to reach out to international investors, especially at this “special” time we are in?