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Simphotek, Inc., a C-corp, is a leading-edge biotechnology company founded to create breakthrough personalized medical products to treat solid internal tumors, such as lung, mesothelioma, pancreatic, bladder, colon, brain, head and neck.  It combines advanced computational methods and novel devices with non-radiative laser therapy to ablate cancer tissue with reduced side effects compared to traditional treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy. In addition, it also releases tumor antigens activating both the innate and adaptive immune systems that can lead to systemic cancer treatment. Even more exciting, recently it has been combined with checkpoint inhibitors to show additional immunotherapy enhancement.  In fact, the combination of Simphotek’s light therapy and checkpoint inhibitors shows greater immuno-oncology therapeutic effects than either one alone.  

Simphotek collaborates with two leading designated cancer centers – the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania  and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center– to form a multi-disciplinary group of over twenty world-renowned oncologists, engineers, biologists, and radiation physicists all working together with one goal: to enable physicians to at least double/triple overall survival in treating solid tumors over current standard of care, such as radiation or chemotherapy (Demonstrated in Phase 2 clinical trials in lung by collaborators.)  Combination with immuno-oncology (check point inhibitors) may lead to systemic cancer killing treatment.  Simphotek’s patents, patents-pending  product (Intelli) together with our computational product (Trade Secret) uses advanced real-time 3D simulation that may guide oncologists in delivering the required therapeutic dose to cancer patients during treatment, which cannot be done by any other system to date.

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