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RTM Vital Signs LLC is a development stage medical device company focused on transforming healthcare from reactive and hospital-centered sick-care to proactive, predictive, preventive, and person-centered wellness through real-time sensing, monitoring, and analyzing critical health information – the foundation of telemedicine and the future of healthcare.

RTM is developing two devices which can improve detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory health – the largest areas of healthcare concern and cost. 

The patented RTM cardiovascular device is a miniature, long-term monitoring system, implantable under local anesthesia in an outpatient procedure that accurately and continuously measures the blood pressure waveform, ECG, and other indicators of cardiovascular health. The efficacy, accuracy, reliability, and safety of the RTM device has been demonstrated in large animals for 11 months.  The device can expand knowledge, prediction, and prevention of adverse cardiac events.

The patent-pending RTM prototype-stage respiratory device is a miniature, wearable, acoustic sensor that accurately monitors Minute Ventilation (respiratory rate X tidal volume), oxygen saturation, and temperature of patients (in or out of a hospital) at risk for respiratory failure due to opioid overdose, viral infection such as COVID-19, COPD and asthma. The acoustic sensor can also be used as a fitness monitor since respiratory function is a key determinant of physical fitness. The FDA has designated the RTM acoustic device as a “Breakthrough Device”.

Both RTM devices send vital measurements to a designated smart phone that contains predictive machine learning algorithms that can timely detect and analyze health issues.

No device today fills these needs.

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