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Reveal promises to transform medical insight with a safer, gadolinium-free, MRI contrast agent and a pipeline of precision imaging agents for fibrosis, thrombus, and lymph nodes.

Modern medicine depends on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): 40 million contrast-enhanced MRI scans are performed each year. But all current MRI contrast agents cause accumulation of gadolinium in the brain and body of every patient, with potentially devastating late effects.

Invented at Harvard, Reveal’s lead product, gadolinium-free RVP-001 promises to be a direct substitute for current MRI contrast agents. RVP-001 has been validated and substantially derisked: it is on the cusp of clinical trials and could solve the $2B market need for safer general purpose MR imaging. RVP core technology forms a platform for precision imaging: this would profoundly deepen our view into fibrotic and thrombotic diseases, potentially replace biopsy, and guide personalized medicine and targeted therapeutics.

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