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Pharmaceutical companies spent $71 Billion on drug development in 2017. Most of this money was wasted because less than 1 in 10 drugs that enter a clinical trial receives FDA approval. This low success rate suggests that the pre-clinical research often fails to predict clinical outcomes. A major reason for this failure is that the cell cultures used in pre-clinical research are different from the same type of cells in the human body. Our products solve this problem by making cell cultures behave more similar to cells in the human body, thus increasing the value of pre-clinical research to predict outcomes in clinical trials. Our products can help eliminate ineffective and unsafe candidates earlier and greatly reduce the time and cost of drug development.


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My name is Oliver Graudejus and I am the founder of BMSEED, an early stage company based in Phoenix, AZ. We manufacture tools and devices for pre-clinical and clinical applications, both in vivo and in vitro. Our products are centered around the uses of soft, flexible, and even stretchable microelectrodes as electrical interfaces with neurons and muscle cells.

Most electrodes for electrical interfacing with cells, tissue, and organs, both in vitro and in vivo, are hard and stiff, or flexible at best. These mechanical properties cause issues in vivo (scar tissue formation, tissue damage, etc.) and limit the utility of applications in vitro. By contrast, BMSEED’s microelectrodes are soft and stretchable, avoiding these issues and limitations. Our beach-head niche is the research tool market for general neuroscience and neurotrauma applications. We have four tools installed for this application in the laboratories of KOL at Colubmia U, Rutgers U, Georgia Tech, and the US Army. We are currently working to extend the applications of the research tool to Organ-on-Chip, organoids, and R&D on neurodegenerative diseases by integrating microfluidic channels and surface topography with our electrodes. We have also demonstrated the utility of our electrodes in brain-machine interfaces that require recording over a large area at high spatial resolution over the cortex by producing multi-layer arrays and are currently working on a project with Boston University to use our electrodes in conjunction with a nanoclip for reliable and chronic interfaces with peripheral nerves.

We are at early stage of our fundraising campaign for sales and marketing, product development, and IP. Given your firm’s experience in …, and what I read in your profile, BMSEED seems to match your investment interests.

I would therefore like to request a meeting with you at the upcoming RESI conference. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Oliver