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Thericon aims to make minimally invasive surgery both more effective and safer by dramatically improving the images and increasing the information content available to surgeons as they operate. Thericon’s systems generate in real-time multiparametric images that reveal otherwise invisible anatomical, functional, and pathological features. The unprecedented wealth of information helps surgeons recognize cancer and make better treatment decisions and paves the way to future developments, such as AI-driven diagnosis. Multiparametric imaging is a platform technology with applications in virtually every surgical specialty, including robotic surgery.

Our first-in-human pilot study showed improved sensitivity in bladder cancer resection and was recognized by the European Urology Association as the most innovative urological imaging study of 2019.

Following several years of development and over 3 million euro in grant money, Thericon spun off from Heidelberg University, Germany in 2019. We are currently raising our first round to finance the development and certification of the first two devices by the end of 2023.

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