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Qrono Inc. develops nanomedicines specifically for the 60-80% of cancer patients who lack sufficient T cells to eradicate solid tumors. 

Our lead product QR213 targets antigen presenting cells, the cells most responsible for activating cancer-killing T cells.  Mice and non-human primate given this therapy increased these T cells 20x.

Over $2M in non-dilutive NIH and FDA contracts have backed product development to date.

We seek $3M to carry QR213 through a first-in-human study that will evaluate its ability to boost cancer killing T cells while we confirm safety.  Patient data will raise Qrono’s valuation for the remainder of an $18M Series A in 2022.

Patients with non-responsive solid tumors comprise a $9B market and have fueled $400M+ exits of 10 comparables since 2017. We anticipate surpassing their returns by 2024.

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