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MOWOOT is a growth stage MEDICAL DEVICE company targeting INTESTINAL TRANSIT DISORDERS with a purely physical, NON-DRUG, NON-INVASIVE solution.

MOWOOT has been voted BEST MEDICAL DEVICE COMPANY of the RESI EUROPE 2020 conference, and even made 2ND PLACE IN THE OVERALL RATING of most voted companies of all categories.

Intestinal transit disorders and chronic constipation affect up to 24% of the general population. The prevalence is up to 80% in patients with a nerve related health condition, such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson´s disease, and up to 60% in the elderly, especially in assisted living. The side effects of this condition range from simply embarrassing, like fecal incontinence, to serious clinical conditions, like rectal prolapse, fecal impaction and colorectal cancer, resulting in an huge burden to the patients quality of life and high costs to the healthcare systems.

Current solutions are either pharmaceutical (laxatives & constipation drugs) or invasive (enemas & surgical solutions) and have several drawbacks, including unwanted side effects and high costs.

MOWOOT is a novel, purely physical, non-drug, non-invasive solution to constipation in the form of a CE-certified class IIa medical device.
With only 10-20 minutes of daily treatment MOWOOT generates an exo-peristaltic effect that moves the feces and solves constipation in a natural way, similar to proven manual colon specific massage by professional therapists.

The MOWOOT device is CE certified (Med.Dev. class IIa), IP protected, clinically validated and award-winning technology: the first Intermittent Colonic Exo-peristalsis (ICE) device on the market handling a large unmet need for patients with Neurogenic-Bowel-Disorders (NBD), Idiopathic Chronic Constipation (ICC) and Opioid-Induced-Constipation (OIC).

The Global Market for the indication “chronic constipation” alone has an annual worth of US$ 12.58 bn, with a healthy CAGR of 7.1%, estimated to reach US$ 22,93 bn by 2025.  

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