Leveraging Software to Lower Costs and Improve the Quality of Care

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2:00 – 2:50 pm EST

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This panel focuses on investing in innovative digital health products that bring new efficiencies to the healthcare system, change how care is delivered or managed, and how patients are involved in their own care. Panelists will explore topics related to investing in digital health, including:

  • In what kinds of digital health technologies are they interested in investing?
  • What metrics and evidence do you look for in a digital health startup?
  • How can an early stage digital health company demonstrate the value of their products?
  • What are the main challenges for startups raising capital in this space?

The moderator and panelists will discuss this rapidly evolving field of healthcare investment, and will introduce the audience to the key fundraising opportunities and challenges facing digital health entrepreneurs today.


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Robert Garber, Partner at 7wire Ventures

For over 25 years, Robert Garber has worked with early-stage healthcare and technology companies, co-managing three venture funds with $200M+AUM and holding leadership positions with three high-growth companies. Robert is currently a Partner at 7wire Ventures, where he focuses on investments in digital healthcare and technology-enabled services that empower consumers to be better stewards of their health and healthcare expenditures. 7wireVentures is an early stage, healthcare venture firm that supports entrepreneurs who focus on empowering the Connected Informed Health Consumer to create great companies and change the status quo. 7wire believes that mobile, connected platforms, the cloud, and sophisticated insights will improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and improve outcomes for all.


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Evan Cohen, Associate Principal, Strategic Investing at Healthbox

Evan is part of the investment team for the DaVita Venture Fund. Previously, he led M&A and strategic payer activities at Genoa Healthcare (OptumRx division), the country’s leading behavioral health pharmacy, telepsychiatry and medication management services company. Evan joined Genoa Healthcare through the acquisition of 1DocWay, where he managed clinic-based telepsychiatry sales. He was formerly a healthcare investment banker at Piper Jaffray, where he advised biopharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare services companies on capital raising and M&A transactions. Evan began his career at BlackRock, where he served as a fixed income product specialist managing institutional client business totaling nearly $100B AUM. Evan resides in New York City and received his BA in Economics from Northwestern University and his MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Pierre Socha, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners

Pierre joined Amadeus Capital Partners in 2012 and leads early stage Health & Bio investments at Amadeus. He is on the boards of Inotec, Ori Biotech, Doctify, Congenica, PhoreMost, Quibim and oversees our investments in Lumeon and Organox.

Pierre brings operational experience to these investments, having managed the growth of several life science businesses in Asia and Europe. During a decade at biotech company Avesthagen, he guided the group’s strategy and European activities, contributing to acquisitions, joint ventures and exits.

Pierre is French and holds an MSc in Environmental Economics (Hons.-SciencesEco) from Université de Provence, France and a BSc in Finance (Math Spe.-SciencesEco) from Université Louis Pasteur, France. He has attended executive programs at Harvard, MIT

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Ben Evans, Managing Director at InHealth Ventures

Ben started his career as a doctor in the NHS before working in the UK and US across early stage medtech, management consultancy and hospital management. He has a particular interest in technologies that can improve the working lives of clinical and non-clinical healthcare staff.

InHealth Ventures is a healthcare-focused venture capital firm linked to the InHealth Group, the largest provider of preventative and diagnostic services in the UK and Ireland, with about 3 million patients per year. The firm currently has a $50M seed stage fund through which they invest mainly in Seed to Series A companies across all geographies. Though the firm is affiliated with the InHealth Group, the firms are separate entities and as an institutional venture capital firm, financial return is an important factor. However, because of this affiliation, InHealth Ventures is able to leverage corporate benefits to support the growing needs of their portfolio companies. As of February 2020, the firm has invested in 5 UK companies and 4 USA companies. Initial sizes of investment can largely vary, from $250K to 3M and a portion of their fund is reserved for follow-on investment.

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Netalie Nadivi, Partner at TriVentures

Netalie has 20 years of professional experience in technology start-up and global corporate environments. Netalie’s interdisciplinary and holistic background, working with start-ups from different vantage points throughout her career, contributes greatly to the evaluation and identification of investment opportunities and portfolio management.

Netalie spent over a decade at Philips in various corporate capacities including Director of Business Development and M&A. She brings with her tremendous transaction and project management experience in investments, strategic partnerships, acquisitions and post-merger integration spanning across several industries including healthcare and consumer health and wellness.

Prior to her time at Philips, Netalie gained experience in a technology start-up and an accelerator that set up companies from stage zero. In both positions, Netalie held senior multidisciplinary CEO support roles where she was responsible for the companies’ business, legal and financial affairs.

Netalie holds a M.S. in Management from Boston University and a B.A. in Legal Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.