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Sonavex is a commercial stage Johns Hopkins spin-out with technology to improve arteriovenous fistula (AVF) maturation for patients with end stage renal disease. Though the superior method of AV access for the 4.9M patients projected to be on dialysis by 2025 is an AVF, they fail to mature in 50% of procedures and are rendered unsuitable for dialysis. This results in significant catheter-based dialysis and associated bloodstream infections and costly hospitalizations. Volumetric flow rate has been proven to be predictive of AVF maturation, however the specialized skill set required to operate conventional ultrasound limits its use in this patient population. Sonavex’s technology enables any member of the care team to rapidly collect volumetric flow rate, diameter, and depth in just seconds via a bioresorbable implant (EchoMark) with >90% margins and an automated 3D ultrasound (EchoSure). Sonavex recently secured a $3M NIH grant to fund a large RCT.

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