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Renalis is changing the way pelvic healthcare is delivered in the U.S. and beyond; creating a platform of digital platforms to deliver the gold standard first line therapy to patients with pelvic health disorders.  Renalis believes it will decrease the burden of patient education for providers, increase adherence & compliance, reduce unnecessary follow up calls and no-shows, improve outcomes and eventually, reduce the cost of care for the patient and the healthcare system.

Additionally, Renalis’ smart digital solutions will gather valuable data on the patient journey and use it to personalize the pathway and optimize the user’s treatment.  This data will be reported in streamlined reports to the providers and will alert the treatment team to opportunities for additional therapeutic interventions.   

Renalis’ first solutions are for fibroids & endometriosis, and overactive bladder in female patients.  The company is relentlessly focused on getting the latter therapeutic approved by the FDA by the end of 2021. 

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