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Robert Quinn

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Patchd was created to solve the devastating condition of sepsis after Robert, one of its co-founders, suffered over 18 life-threatening episodes. Sepsis kills more Americans than breast, lung and prostate cancer combined and 4 out 5 of these deaths could be prevented if caught and treated early. Patchd uses deep learning and off the shelf wearables to predict the onset of sepsis in high risk patients, specifically in the at home setting, as this is where 80% of sepsis episodes start.

Patchd has successfully demonstrated in retrospective studies that their algorithm can not only predict sepsis 8+ hours earlier, but can also outperform all existing standards of care, using only 6 vital signs, all of which can can be measured with wearables. Patchd has also met with the FDA to discuss pathway to market and partnered with 2 medical device companies to build out a complete monitoring system on which to run their algorithm.

Patchd is an alumni of the prestigious Y Combinator and TMCx accelerators, and previously raised a $1.9MM seed round. Patchd is currently closing a seed extension to get through their upcoming prospective study and to their A round. The A round will get Patchd through their clinical trial and through the FDA.