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Heather Callahan
Director Intellectual Property

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Allander Biotechnologies is a preclinical company developing a regenerative treatment for cancer therapy-induced oral ulcers, an unmet medical need with a market size of $2.2B. About 40-70% of cancer patients suffer with oral ulcers causing extreme pain and leading to $13B additional healthcare costs and four-fold increased mortality risk.  Allander’s solution, a topical formulation of the human Smad7 protein fused to a cell penetrating peptide (CPP) from the HIV-1 Tat protein transduction domain (CPP-Smad7), is effective in mouse and hamster models.  CPP-Smad7 is also effective in animal models of cancer therapy-induced radiodermatitis, diabetic ulcers and psoriasis.  Allander has an exclusive license to a robust patent portfolio covering CPP-Smad7, derivatives, and their use in multiple indications. 

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