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First Republic offers a comprehensive set of banking services, connections and guidance to support the growth of your business at every stage. We are committed to fast response and ease of use through our dedicated life sciences team, based in innovation hubs across the U.S. Our Life Science Toolkit offers you discounts on an additional suite of mission-critical services to address many of your immediate operational needs. Learn more.
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Live Workshops:

September 14, 11AM EDT – Beyond Banking: Finding the Right Financial Partner for You

When your startup firm gains traction, you will inevitably need a bank that can add value and understand your distinct early-stage entrepreneurial needs. There are an array of financial institutions that have programs in the life science market to aid and guide early-stage entrepreneurs to set up the right financial packages. First Republic Bank is a leader in the early-stage life science market with decades of experience and dedicated teams that provide support to scientist entrepreneurs. In this fireside chat, we discuss the programs and services available for startups and how to engage and take advantage of the FRB offerings to help your business grow.

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank
  • Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Creator of RESI Conference Series, Life Science Nation
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September 15, 3PM EDT – How to Evaluate Your Banking Partner Workshop

Life Science companies need more from a bank than just accounts and transactions. The right banking partner brings a mix of excellent service, industry expertise, and the ability to help companies grow. Join Nishta Rao of First Republic Bank to hear what companies should be looking for in a sound banking partner.

  • Nishta Rao, Managing Director, Life Science, First Republic Bank
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