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Our mission is to develop drugs that attack the most aggressive human cancers. We aim for transformative medicines that will make a large difference for patients. Our first therapeutic is a multifaceted attack antibody for ovarian cancer. One important anti-cancer mechanism-of-action for our therapeutic is to rob cancer cells of the vital autocrine/paracrine signaling they require. Our therapeutic antibody eliminates several programs that cancer cells need to thrive, especially under conditions of stress, which tumor cells are constantly under. Our antibody eliminates vital survival signals, reduces stemness and blocks proliferative signaling. This is a direct anticancer effect on both primary and disseminated cancer cells. A second effect is indirect, in that it is mediated through the immune system. When tumors come to overexpress our cancer target, it acts to stimulate the activity of an important myeloid derived suppressor cell subset. These cells are notorious for their ability to shut-down T cell function. Our therapeutic antibody blocks the stimulation if myeloid-derived suppressor cells to restore checkpoint inhibitor function. Tradewind is actively seeking funding partners that will help us bring our first-in-class antibody therapeutic to the clinic. We are building a therapeutic with stand alone-activity anticancer activity coupled with the ability to enable and expand checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

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