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The novel silica-based nanocarrier OpKemo™ promises enhanced therapeutic value for the treatment of most solid tumours without a dramatic increase in costs, hence ensuring a wide market access potential. A first potential treatment for the most lethal of lung cancers, OpPacli™ for Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma, is being developed in the company’s own secure laboratory, to be manufactured in-house, licensed-out before 2024 or commercialized circa 2026. OpPacli consists of paclitaxel – a 3 B $ generic cytotoxic agent – sequestered in a silica-made porous nanoparticle and solubilized in PBS, with neither surfactants nor harmful solvents. Pharma in silica undertakes a 2 M capital round to optimize its carrier, perform a preclinical trial, and file an IND/CTA. Since 2019, 1,2 M CAD were raised in capital from 6 private investors, along with over 2 M$ in non-diluting funds. We believe cancer patients worldwide need refined, broad spectrum treatments at affordable prices, as global budget constraints limit the availability of expensive therapies. And we think silica, an versatile material new to nanomedicines, can deliver just that.

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