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Nervive Inc. is Delaware C-corp headquartered in Northeast Ohio. Nervive has developed a simple, safe, and non-invasive emergency treatment for stroke and other cerebro-vascular conditions, that significantly improves blood flow to the brain at the earliest opportunity. The VitalFlow applies rapid magnetic pulses to the facial nerve on both sides of the face for 2 minutes, triggering widespread and long-lasting vasodilation of the cerebral arteries. The result is as much as a two-fold increase in cerebral blood flow. Because it is easy to use, non invasive, and safe, even if applied to patients with brain hemorrhage, it can be administered earlier than other therapies, saving brain, and also improving the efficacy of standard-of-care therapies such as clot-busting drug (tPA) or endovascular clot retrieval. VitalFlow stimulation has also shown to be effective in reversing cerebral artery vasospasm, making it a much needed life-saving tool for the neuro-ICU. Nervive intends to commercially launch the first clinical application of the VitalFlow as a treatment for vasospasm in the neuro-ICU, under a Humanitarian Device Exemption by the beginning of 2022. The successful use of the VitalFlow in this market will help drive the adoption in Nervive’s primary market of interest which is as an early emergency treatment for stroke in the emergency department. Nervive expects to secure FDA approval for this second clinical application under an expedited pre-market approval and commercially launch by 2024.

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