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Metabolys is a biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough treatments for metabolic diseases with a focus on NASH (Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis). MTBL0036, the lead compound of Metabolys, is in the late stage of the preclinical phase of drug development. MTBL0036 is one of the most efficient oral molecules in development for the treatment of NASH. With an exceptional safety profile, it has been shown in mice to address multiple facets of NASH pathophysiology, including insulin sensitivity, inflammation, ballooning and lipid profile. In addition, synthesis and purification of MTBL0036 are simple processes which should allow an easy production scale-up. Once its safety is demonstrated in humans, MTBL0036 will undergo a phase IIa clinical study. Metabolys strategy is then to out-license its lead candidate to a major pharmaceutical company for phase III, registration and marketing. Thanks to its skilled and well experienced team in medicinal chemistry and metabolic diseases, Metabolys will at this time focus its effort and resources on the development of new drug candidates in the fields of NASH and type 2 diabetes. The company will continue to operate in its core business fuelling the drug pipeline and contributing to the fight against these progressing diseases.

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