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Libera Bio develops a new family of cancer treatments based on – its patented actively targeted delivery technology to intracellular targets (MPN – Multifunctional Polymeric Nanocapsules) – and on novel monoclonal antibodies (e.g. anti KRAS), with the goal of having them commercialized by large biopharma companies. Libera Bio lead candidate aims at providing a new treatment for those highly prevalent and aggressive cancers which are driven by KRAS mutations, such as pancreatic cancer (90% from AACR), lung cancer (36%) and colorectal cancer (51%). The MPN Technology® has multiple functionalities, including the specific accumulation of drugs in tumors and also in lymphatics. As an example, the result of this targeted biodistribution (40 times more docetaxel accumulation in tumor than the marketed formulation) was a drastic reduction of tumor growth and the elimination of the metastatic spreading in an orthotopic metastatic lung cancer model (Teijeiro-Valiño et al., 2018). Furthermore, the MPN Technology has been adapted for the intracellular delivery of full monoclonal antibodies. Indeed, the technology has been extensively validated for the targeting of the intracellular oncoprotein gasdermine (Molina-Crespo et al., 2019). In vivo preclinical studies show significant response in terms of apoptosis and tumor necrosis of a variety of tumors, including on a PDX pancreatic cancer model. The company is starting an A1 funding round for enabling studies.

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