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Lanthio Health is a Dutch biopharmaceutical Company focused on the discovery, preclinical and early clinical development, and commercialization of therapeutic, lanthionine-constrained peptides, “lanthipeptides” for treatment of cancer and critical- care medicine. As a result of their high efficacy at very low dose, target-specificity, safety, stability and low CoG, lanthipeptides are excellent drug candidates. The company offers two independent investment opportunities: 1) Lanthipeptide technologies for drug discovery. This opportunity concerns the further development and commercialization of agonistic and antagonistic lanthipeptide drug discovery technologies including the proprietary powerful and unique lanthipeptide phage display, leading to an expected major service deal on lanthipeptide drug discovery within 3 years. 2) Preclinical and clinical development of a lanthipeptide drug against pancreatic cancer, an urgent unmet medical need. This opportunity concerns the significant value jump following the development of the preclinical lanthipeptide LP3, which inhibits pancreatic cancer in vivo, through a seamless clinical Phase I/IIa trial.

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