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Kortuc, Inc. is a future decacorn, biotech company (based in Tokyo, moving headquarters to SF Bay Area) with a strong potential (already being realized now in Japan and the UK) to save a large number of lives, by addressing (already for over 1200 patients) a fundamental problem of cancer, hypoxia thereby enhancing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and immunotherapy. As a for-profit company, we have a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Good Health & Well Being (#3), as well as Reduced Inequalities (#10) through our life-saving cancer treatments. This commitment will ultimately further enhance our bottom line, while at the same time creating a measurable social impact. Kortuc’s solution: 1) A therapeutic + device which will enjoy substantial future growth of TAM of 3-4 million patients/year at ~ USD 30K per patient, 2) Strong IP portfolio, 3) Limited downside — our therapeutic is safe, having already treated over 1200 people with no adverse impact, and 4) Commitment to ESG and social impact.

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