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• Ethismos is a phase IIb clinical-stage biotech company looking to prevent chronic pain, thus changing the paradigm in pain management from treatment to prevention. • Today, 1 out of 2 women experience chronic neuropathic pain/sensory disturbances in the 1-3 years following breast cancer surgery – these pain/sensory disturbances are often lifelong. • Ethismos is currently focused on completing Phase IIb trials of amitifadine for prevention of persistent post-surgical pain. The company has 10 years of development and 10 clinical trials proving safety and initial efficacy of amitifadine. • Proposed phase IIb trial planned for high-risk women (those with pre-op pain and depression, anxiety, and pain catastrophization) undergoing lumpectomy/mastectomy. These represent 40% of the breast cancer surgery population. • Current medications (opioids, non-opioids including anti-convulsants and SNRIs) do not work for prevention and have significant side effects. • Ethismos has an ultimate goal to receive a designation from the FDA to prevent persistent post-surgical pain by using amitifadine (14-week course) across all surgical types. This will save the payors from the costs associated with the lifelong treatment of chronic pain. • Issued composition of matter patents with protection to 2031; additional filings with potential terms to 2039/2040. • Seeking to raise a $50M Round to complete Phase IIb trials for potential acquisition or licensing by Big Pharma.