Tales from the Road: Age-Tech Innovators on their Fundraising Journey

Tuesday November 16, 4:00PM EST

Age-tech entrepreneurs are pounding the pavement, seeking funding to enable seniors to live longer, healthier lives. Learn the strategies they’ve implemented to stand out to investors, book meetings, make deals, and work effectively with investors and strategic partners.


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Keren Etkin, Author of “The Age Tech Revolution”, expected publication winter 2021 | Age-Tech Evangelist | Creator of TheGerontechnologist.com, TheGerontechnologist (Moderator)

Keren Etkin is the creator of TheGerontechnologist.com, a media platform that covers the global age tech ecosystem and offers online courses. She is the author of ‘The Age Tech Revolution’, expected publication December 2021, a startup mentor and advisor and a sought-after keynote speaker who was named one of the most influential people in aging. 

 Keren Etkin was the first employee at Intuition Robotics, the startup behind ElliQ, the world’s first social robot designed with and for older adults, and co-founder & VP of Product at Sensi.Ai, a startup that developed the first and only AI solution for remote care monitoring.

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Dave Dlesk, CEO, Embrace Prevention Care

Dave has been developing new products, services and businesses in healthcare for the past 40 years. He has led start-ups as well as built and run large organizations through senior positions at Baxter, Biogen and Terumo. He spent the last 5 years working with a medication adherence start-up that inspired the creation of Embrace.

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Michael Fossel, President and Founder, Telocyte

Dr. Fossel received his PhD in neurobiology and his MD at Stanford. He published the first articles in the medical literature (JAMA) as well as the first medical textbook, Cells, Aging, and Human Disease on the potential for effective interventions in age-related disease. An extensive look at the field, it includes in-depth discussions of Alzheimer’s disease, the progerias, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, immune senescence, skin aging, and cancer, as well as the prospects for telomerase therapy. His book, The Telomerase Revolution, was praised by the Wall Street Journal as one of the best science books of the year. A recent article in Alzheimer’s & Dementia on age-related neurodegenerative disease (A unified model of dementias and age‐related neurodegeneration) generated more than 600 global reprint requests and outlines the model currently driving the work at Telocyte. He served as the executive director of the American Aging Association, has published more than 100 articles, books, and chapters on age-related disease and the potential for effective intervention via gene therapy, as well as have served as both an advisor to and board member for several biotechnology companies prior to Telocyte.

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Pepper Landson, CEO, Praetego Inc

Pepper Landson has been a driving force in novel therapeutics for critical healthcare needs for three decades. She has a proven record of creating value in early stage companies. Combining her skills in business development and operations with an extensive drug development background, she is championing disease modifying treatments for serious diabetic complications. She has worked exclusively on the Amadorin technology and diabetic complications for the last decade.

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Beth Sanders, Founder & CEO, LifeBio Inc

Beth Sanders is the Founder & CEO of LifeBio. She is the author of the Memory Journal, Life Story Journal, and more. When not working, she is a bicyclist, runner, and reader. She has a bit of wanderlust, so she loves traveling for work or pleasure. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and Yoki the dog.