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VOTIS’s devices assess blood flow and oxygenation in specific locations in arteries and in internal body tissues in the foot. VOTIS’s technology is entirely non-invasive and does not require use of X-rays or other ionizing radiation, or of contrast agents. VOTIS’s devices are designed to transmit information over the cloud for processing. This will enable the Company to develop a library of cases, and to transition from algorithms through heuristics to artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Leading international practitioners have confirmed interest in VOTIS’s devices.

With the VOTIS devices, for the first time, doctors can properly see what they are doing: “You can’t monitor what you can’t measure.”

VOTIS is developing a suite of non-invasive, fast, safe, accurate, and affordable devices to evaluate blood flow and oxygenation in the foot. The devices use Hemodynamic Occlusive Vascular Response (HOVR™) technology, based on non-ionizing radiation: patches containing photodetectors measure light scattering and absorption to determine blood flow and oxygen levels in the foot. The test takes just 5 minutes and reaches a depth of up to 2 cm. The devices are compatible with an artificial intelligence (A.I.)/cloud-based analysis of the foot that does not require patients to go to the hospital – an advantage especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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