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Tissue Dynamics, a startup form the lab of Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), is targeting the metabolic imbalance driving numerous disease states. Tissue Dynamics Proprietary platforms allows rapid quantification of metabolic pathways that are impaired in disease (e.g., fatty liver disease and other metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, viral infection, and chemotherapy-induced nephrotoxicity), and translation from pathway to protein target and drug discovery. Market need: There is a real need for systems capable of monitoring the complex human physiological dynamics of metabolic networks in different organs, whose disruption is the driver of a myriad of disease processes. Such monitoring will enable rapid, large-scale assessment of safety and effectiveness of drugs and cosmetics. Tissue Dynamics platforms: (1) Unique electro-optical and electro-chemical sensing platform permitting rapid elucidation of metabolic fluxes and molecular mechanism of action, (2) advanced organ on chip models (liver, kidney, heart and more) based on primary and iPS human tissues of diverse genetic backgrounds, and (3) Genome-wide CRISPR screen system in primary human cells for identification of metabolic targets. Tissue Dynamics platforms fit the definition of bio-convergence, with drug discovery and development focus involving: Biology – human primary and iPS derived cells of diverse backgrounds Sensors – including proprietary electrooptical oxygen sensing, mechanical sensing and software ? engineering & robotics – for automation of cell growth, handling and experimentations, and AI – CRISPR based data and clinical data to validate drug screens on human microtissues Platform capabilities were validated in several systems including clinical data with registered drugs, and the company is now focused on validating a few targets and hits resulting from the CRISPR KO studies. Innovation and Value proposition: TD platform provides a paradigm shift in drug development, enabling (1) new insight into the mechanisms of action underlying a myriad of pathologies, including toxicity, arrhythmias, and inflammation, and (2) facilitated development of drugs (efficacy and toxicity-wise) to address diverse human diseases. Tissue Dynamics is seeking US$10M investment to facilitate our novel drug discovery and development efforts.

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