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Rumi Scientific’s mission is to fast-track and de-risk drug discovery for diseases affecting the central nervous system. Our core technology relies on precise models of brain development based on neural organoid differentiation on micropattern substrates, starting from human pluripotent stem cells, a technology developed by our founders at Rockefeller University, and which Rumi Scientific has exclusively licensed. In a unique combination of cutting-edge bioengineering and deep-learning powered analysis, this allows the first realization of large-scale drug discovery campaigns at the level of human developing brains and results in a powerful engine for the discovery of novel therapeutics. Using this technology, we initiated our own drug discovery campaign focused on Huntington’s Disease (HD) and discovered a new target that can be modulated by small molecules. While we are currently pursuing development of a related candidate molecule, we are simultaneously working on building a pipeline focused on neurodegeneration as well as genetically-driven neurodevelopmental disorders. Logo