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OneFul Health’s mission is to improve the quality of life and healthcare outcomes for millions by building a 21st Century pharmacy applying the emerging science of Personalized Medicine, easily accessible to consumers via online e-Pharmacy and made affordable by patented on-demand manufacturing technologies. OneFul owns the scalable technology platform and accredited pharmacy facilities to be first to market offering truly personalized therapies to large patient populations. Using innovation in automated drug delivery forms that simplify adherence to complex therapies, an individual’s prescribed 3-7 pills are accurately combined into one dosage form, as formulated and prescribed online by a physician, and shipped direct to consumers. OneFul Health’s experienced management team and current investors recognize that the post-pandemic era is an ideal time to create a new industry category, “e-Personalization”. New software tools aid the integration of an individual’s digital health data, utilizing public PGx pharmacogenomic databases correlated to low-cost whole genome sequencing. Adaptive formulation to match an individual’s real world drug metabolism is now practical using home tested biomarkers and wearable sensor data with machine-learning algorithms. Oneful will employ these digital technologies with its patented on-demand “N of 1” manufacturing system to modernize its wholly owned 503A/B $6M conventional compounding pharmacy.

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