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Medcura’s advanced wound treatment platform provides rapid and reliable bleeding management while creating an antibacterial healing environment. This Nami Therapeutics Corporation (Nami) is a specialty pre-clinical nanotechnology platform company developing cutting edge precision cancer nanotherapies. Nami was established in 2018 and is focused on developing specifically designed nanocarrier platforms for targeted delivery of radiotherapies and chemotherapeutic agents to tumor cells. Nami nanotechnology can improve the efficacy and reduce toxicities of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and anti-cancer drugs across all tumor types. Current efforts at Nami are focused on two lead programs: 1) XLNT-1, radioisotope-loaded nanoparticles formulated for intraperitoneal delivery to treat peritoneal metastases, with a lead indication target of ovarian cancer; 2) XLNT-2, nanoparticles containing chemotherapeutic agents specifically designed to inhibit leukemic stem cells (LSC) in order to cut the root of treatment resistance and cancer recurrence in leukemias and lymphomas. Nami has exclusive rights to four patents associated with these technologies having allowance or are pending in the US, EU, JP, CN, and AUS.