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Lanthio Tech B.V., daughter of Lanthio Pharma B.V., is a Dutch biopharmaceutical Company focused on the discovery and commercialization of therapeutic, lanthionine-constrained peptides, “lanthipeptides”. As a result of their high efficacy at very low dose, target-specificity, safety, stability and low CoG, lanthipeptides are excellent drug candidates. Lanthio Tech discovers two types of lanthipeptides: first of all therapeutic lanthionine-constrained agonistic peptides with high target-selectivity and stability.  Secondly, Lanthio Tech applies its proprietary lanthipeptide phage display for the discovery of target-binding lanthipeptides and enzyme inhibitors. Lanthio Tech offers an investment opportunity for further developing this unique lanthipeptide phage display, a potentially disruptive technology.

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